CarTradeGo Auction and Appraisal Platforms

After years of experience in the automotive industry, CarTradeGo has taken the valued feedback garnered from all automotive industry stakeholders: consumers, new and used car dealers and incorporated it into our new revolutionary and comprehensive auction and appraisal auction platform.

Consumers want:

  • simpler, safer and more transparent process to buy, sell or trade in their current vehicles.
  • no-longer want to visit multiple dealers to both negotiate their trade-in value and their new car purchase.
  • avoid the private sale process altogether; list and sell their car from the comfort of their own home;
  • they want to buy their next vehicle from a reputable dealer.

Used Car dealers want:

  • access to more used car inventory; not just from third-party wholesalers or new car dealers.
  • streamline their buy & sell efforts and reduce the time spent monitoring hundreds of ongoing live auctions on multiple online auction platforms, closing on only a fraction of vehicles.
  • Stop paying high cost of online auction transaction fees was eroding their profitability.

New car dealers Want:

  • cost per customer for advertising and attracting new car buyers to their dealerships was becoming out of reach.
  • No longer want to pay ongoing monthly fees and high lead generation fees for poor quality leads with marginal conversion ratios.
  • To attract new qualified buyers and close new car deals even when they did not want to take the consumer’s trade.

CarTradeGo provides solutions by:

  • Our consumer app allows consumers to list their vehicle on our dealer online platform from the comfort of their home for free.
  • The consumer’s vehicle is then exposed to our vast CarTradeGo group of registered dealers under the “Appraisal” section of out Dealer auction platform, where new and used car dealers have 30 minutes to offer and buy used car inventory direct from the consumer.
  • The consumer receives a guaranteed but conditional purchase offer, valid for 21 days, from our successful dealer bidder direct to their smart phone in 30 minutes.
  • The consumer can immediately accept the offer or start shopping for their next new car purchase.
  • The consumer tells CarTradeGo what new or pre-owned vehicle they want, and we forward that quality lead on to you. Motivated buyers mean quality sales leads!
  • We have reduced the need to monitor endless incremental online auction bidding. Our new patented “Blind 2 Bid Only” system targets only “serious” dealers looking to move inventory and increase transaction closings….no more watching the last 5 minutes of bidding only to lose in the last seconds of an auction.
  • Our system is simple. Want the car? Make you best first bid. If you get out bid, then give your final best and last bid. No smaller incremental constant bidding to watch. You know what you are willing to pay for the car, so make your best bid and move on. Stop wasting your time chasing vehicle bidding. Avoid the tire kickers and last-minute bidding frenzy.
  • New dealers can also use our 30-minute Appraisal platform to get the best price for their customer’s trade-ins on the spot. Don’t let the customer leave your showroom! If the new dealer wants the trade-in, offer the customer a little more than the CarTradeGo offer, or simply facilitate a courtesy trade to that bidding dealer and close the new car sale on the spot.
  • Contact your CarTradeGo sales representative to book a full presentation of our services and see how our business solution will improve your business – guaranteed!

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