CarTradeGo LIVE Appraisal Details

Our Live Appraisals platform is revolutionary and comprehensive; as the first and only fully integrated platform offering dealer access to the entire appraisal market! Not only do you have access to active customers at dealerships awaiting real-time appraisals on their trade to assist on their new vehicle purchase, CarTradGo also offers you direct access to the entire consumer market who are looking to trade or sell their vehicle on their own. For the first time dealers will have access to consumer-direct inventory when consumers list their vehicles on our CarTradeGo consumer Buy/Sell/Trade application! As a CarTradeGo registered Dealer, you get fulsome market access like never before!

Our unique “2-bid only” buyer auction system simplifies the entire auction process, increases conversion ratios and saves you time and money. You told us you were tired of the traditional online auction process, scrambling in the last minutes of vehicle auctions trying to manage multiple incremental bids, on multiple vehicles on multiple platforms only to convert on very few vehicles, if any. Our platforms promote increased closing ratios for buyers and sellers alike – all in 30 minutes. Our blind bid auctions promote value purchasing. You know what you are willing to pay for a vehicle, so make your best offer. If you are out bid, you’ll receive a notification and you will have one more chance to close the deal. Make it your best offer and move on.

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