CarTradeGo Lead Program Details

CarTradeGo is focussed on providing real-time access to high quality consumer-direct sales leads to new and used car dealers!

Car buyers spend an average of 14 hours researching vehicles and only physically visit an average of 1.5 dealerships in person.

Across all industries, the consumer is taking over a large part of the traditional sales process. When Consumers visit a dealership, they already know what year make, model they want.

CarTradeGo helps you capitalize on these new market realities. With consumer behaviour now constantly changing, our consumer-direct leads have already done their research; they know what they want; and they want it now! They’re only looking for someone to sell them their next vehicle!

That’s where CarTradeGo comes in!

Why are CarTradeGo leads so different?

  • Our leads are only generated from registered CarTradeGo consumers using our web, IOS or Android application platforms to sell, trade and buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. Our leads are looking to purchase a vehicle in the next 21 days. Not just tire-kickers!
  • Our leads are specific to the make and or model the consumer wants.
  • Our leads are located in your geographic area
  • Our leads are competitively priced. Average leads sell for $50 to $500 with low closing ratios. Our 6-month introductory price is only $35 per lead.
  • You pay by the lead, no contracts or monthly subscriptions!
  • We offer an exclusive dealer Lead Loyalty Program, (LLP) to dealers using our CarTradeGo vehicle auction platforms to buy and sell their vehicles. You can get free leads!
  • Our leads offer higher conversion ratios, increase sales volume and profitability.
  • Try your first CarTradeGo Lead for FREE when you register as a CarTradeGo Dealer!

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