Our Landed Vehicle Auctions run in-stock vehicles daily, Monday to Saturday, with auctions closing at noon each day. Once again, our unique 2-bid blind auction format is used to simplify the auction process for our trading dealers and increase profit and closing ratios for buyers and sellers alike. By abandoning the incremental bid system, buyers will offer their best price on your listed vehicle not just $50 dollars more than the last bid! On the purchase side, you know what you are willing to pay for a vehicle, so make your best offer. If you are out bid, you’ll receive a notification and you will have one more chance to close the deal. Make it your best offer and move on.

With our carefully selected dealer and wholesaler network, you will have access to a huge selection of vehicles listed hourly. This same group of qualified dealers also ensure you are never stranded with a vehicle for sale. Our buyers are seeking and listing inventory to turn! CarTradeGo helps you turn your inventory more often; avoid aged units and keep stock fresh to enhance per unit profits. Eliminate transportation costs to physical auctions. Your vehicles never have to leave your lot until their sold. CarTradeGo helps you close deals! Our in-house support centre of auto industry experts are always available to help finalize and close the deal!

Our advanced dealer filters also allow you to set your auction listing notifications for only the types of vehicles you want to see. See some or all listed vehicles for sale. It’s up to you. You are in control!

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