Why choose Us.

Our team houses car industry professionals who understand the car dealership business along with consumer needs. With vast experience in the field, CarTradeGo was created as a product set out to simplify the automotive exchange process for both Car Dealers and Consumers.

All parties were seeking transparency in the vehicle sales process; unfettered access to more inventory; and to operate in a truly competitive market place. We further understood that the traditional way of buying, selling and trading vehicles was changing rapidly and the automotive sales cycle needed an innovative way to respond. That’s how CarTradeGo was born.

A fully integrated technology to address the needs of all stakeholders in the next-generation automotive market place; a mobile app for consumers to list, sell, trade or buy a vehicle from the comfort of their home; a new streamlined auction/appraisal platform for dealer to dealer vehicle exchange but with access to bid and purchase consumer listed vehicles…all in one.

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