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CTGo platform for Appraisal & Landed vehicles.


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Get started with our web portal to buy & sell vehicles within 30 minutes. Have full access to Live Appraisals and Landed vehicles to sell and buy.

CarTradeGo is revolutionizing the auto industry for Dealers and Consumers alike.

The way cars & trucks are bought, traded and sold has changed forever, with the consumer taking control over a large part of the traditional automotive sales process. Car Dealers must evolve and embrace new technologies and tools to capitalize on this new reality. That’s where CarTradeGo comes in!

CarTradeGo provides new and used car dealers with a complete and integrated business solution geared to capitalizing on the next-generation automotive marketplace. Our real-time mobile and desktop live auction platforms not only facilitate dealer to dealer wholesale transactions, but also integrates dealer access to CarTradeGo’s huge consumer direct Buy, Sell and Trading application user market.


Our Live Appraisals platform is the first and only fully integrated platform for access to the entire market! Not only do you have access to active customers who are at the dealership waiting to receive a top trade value to assist in.

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Our Landed Vehicle Auctions run in-stock vehicles daily, Monday to Saturday, with auctions closing at noon each day. Once again, our unique 2-bid blind auction format is used to simplify the auction process for our trading dealers and

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CarTradeGo provides access to more used car inventory; not just from third-party wholesalers or new car dealers with streamlining your buy & sell efforts and reduce the time spent monitoring hundreds of ongoing live auctions on

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